HydroFocus Inc. was founded by Steve Deverel and John Fio in 1998. Located in Davis California, HydroFocus professionals collectively claim over 80 years of water- and land-resources problem solving experience. The shared years of consulting experience among our professionals has sharpened fundamental skills for superior service. We strive to provide the best quality product for our clients through the use of time-tested and innovative methodologies based on solid integrated scientific principals. Our professionals: 

  • Develop groundwater management and water supply plans.
  • Characterize groundwater basins and analyze groundwater-flow systems.
  • Quantify water- and land-management effects on water quantity and quality.
  • Measure land subsidence and develop ways to stop and mitigate its effects.
  • Diagnose groundwater and soil contamination.
  • Evaluate groundwater remediation systems.
  • Construct computer models to assess water quantity and quality.
  • Interpret statistical analyses of hydrologic and water quality data.
  • Design and utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  • Collect hydrologic data and establish monitoring programs.
  • Evaluate wetland hydrology.
  • Provide technical support and expert witness  for litigation and dispute resolution.

Additionally, HydroFocus Inc. believes in giving back to those who are in need. See the Philanthropy page for some of the local charities that HydroFocus supports each year.


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